๐ŸคผCreate/Join a Team

In our three hackathon modes, while the process of creating and joining teams remains consistent, their representation on the dashboard differs.

Online hackathon

You can create or join the team anytime during the hackathon (optional for individual hackers).

Creating and joining a team

  1. For online hackathons on Devfolio, even if you're submitting a project individually, ensure you form a team prior to your submission.

  2. You have the flexibility to create or join a team at any point before submitting your project, as detailed above.

  3. When you submit you profile as part of a team we take the strength of the entire team into consideration and not just the strength of individual profiles. Sometimes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Offline + Online With Application Review hackathon

You can create or join a team while submitting your profile for review or after getting individually verified. Team formation is compulsory here!

Creating a Team

  1. It's advisable to apply individually and, upon acceptance to the hackathon, proceed to create or join a team

Joining a Team

Edge case

If you're currently submitting an application and wish to join a team that's already in an accepted status, you will not be able to do so. However, you can submit your application as an individual. Once accepted, you'll then have the opportunity to join the team

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