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Prizes Tab

Adding Prizes is the best way of introducing Track Prizes in your Hackathon so that if a hacker has built a project for a specific track, they can submit it to the particular track.
Have tracks? Add them first. Otherwise, add the prizes directly. You can edit and add prizes or tracks even after your hackathon goes live and add winners once your hackathon ends.

What is a Track?

A track is a field, the builder chooses while submitting their project. This helps organizers categorize projects.
  • Visible in the project submission view for hackers
  • Organizers create the tracks, and hackers opt-in to be a part of the track in the submission flow

What is a Prize?

A prize is a sub-category field that has a dollar value attached to it.
  • Visible in the prizes tab on the microsite
  • Organizers create the prizes, and only organizers can add winners to the projects through the Hackathon Update Dashboard.

Once you add track and prizes, you will see the changes refelcted on the microsite under Prizes tab

Pointers to remember:

  • Organizers can add winners to the respective prizes once the hackathon ends.
  • Hackers can choose the sponsor prize they are submitting while adding a project
  • Once the organizer updates Sponsors from the sponsor tab, a separate track opens up for them (right side) in the prizes tab

Here's a reference image on Adding Track Prize

Organizer Dashboard
ETHIndia'22 Microsite <> Prizes Tab
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