🎁Setting Up Onchain Credentials

Here's a Quick walkthrough to setup your Onchain Credentials

  1. Click on your profile in the top-right corner and select 'Organizer Dashboard’.

  1. Go to the β€˜Brand’ tab of your hackathon and enable Onchain Credentials.

  1. Fill in the collection details and select the receiver.

  1. View the template or customise its colour and click on Upload.

  1. For people like volunteers or guests who are not included in the hackathon dashboard, you can add β€˜Custom’ Onchain Credentials.

How to enable claiming Onchain Credentials for the participants?

Access the 'Onchain Creds' tab on your Organizer dashboard and review the list of participants. Click on 'Finalize Claims' once you're ready.

  1. By default, everyone on the list is eligible for claiming. If necessary, you can exclude specific individuals using the eligibility toggle.

  1. After finalizing claims, you'll be able to view the status of each participant: whether they have claimed their Onchain credentials or not.

  1. If there are additional people like volunteers and guests who need to be included, use the '+ Add people' option. Please ensure that you have added an Onchain credential for them in the β€˜Brand’ tab; otherwise, create one for them first.

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