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Select the profile fields you wish to make mandatory in your hackathon application. The shorter your form is, the faster you stack up the applications

Using Built-in Fields for your Application

To help you save time, Devfolio provides you with built-in fields that are commonly used. You can decide what fields do the hackers need to fill in while applying for your hackathon.

The fields selected here are marked as mandatory! If you want to make them optional, you can proceed to add them as a custom question.

Here's how it will look like when the hacker fills out the application to your hackathon.

At times, the hackers may have already added some fields such as GitHub, LinkedIn links to their profile. So when they start filling out the application, the available details are directly taken from their profile and are not asked again while they fill out the application. The ones not available are then explicitly asked for.

Adding Custom Questions

Pro Tip: You need not add custom questions for social media links if they're mandatory for your application since we have provided it in our pre-built fields

If you wish to create custom questions, you can proceed to do so by clicking on the + Add button at the bottom. There are a variety of Field Types available to cater to most of your questions.

Field Type

  • Short answer text: Appropriate for short responses i.e., 1 or 3 lines

  • Long answer text: Appropriate for paragraph type responses

  • File Upload: Allows hackers to submit files (.pdf, .jpeg, .png, and .jpg)

  • Radio Buttons: Appropriate for questions with strictly one option to be selected

  • Multi-select: Appropriate for questions allowing multiple options to be selected

  • True-False checkbox: Allows for either T/F to be selected

  • True-only checkbox: Appropriate for questions where option is to be selected only when applicable

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