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Check-ins on Devfolio are a breeze!

Devfolio provides an easy way to keep track of the attendees present at the hackathon through the 'Volunteer' tab in the organizer dashboard. The 'expected' count at the bottom indicates the number of hackers who have confirmed their intention to attend the hackathon by completing the RSVP process.

Different ways to check-in

Hackers can be checked-in by entering their:

  • Name

  • Username

  • Email ID

  • Team name in the format: team: team-name

  • QR Code (well suited for Offline Hackathons)

The hackers can access their QR code which is sent over to the hackers in their RSVP confirmation email or accessible on the hacker dashboard on the URL: https://devfolio.co/settings

An option to undo the action will briefly show up in the top left corner, which, if ignored, will make the 'Check-in' irreversible.

Points to note:

  • โ€˜'Check-ins' is an individual-level process that needs to be undertaken for all members of a team and individuals alike.

  • Apart from marking attendance of all those present at the venue, check-ins are essential for hackers to be able to submit their projects on Devfolio.

  • 'Check-ins' ensure that hackers who don't attend the hackathon aren't able to submit a project or be able to claim that they participated in the event.

  • It's good practice to provide the 'Volunteer' tab access to multiple volunteers through the 'Team' tab and get hackers checked-in as they arrive at the start of the hackathon.

  • Since only hackers who have confirmed their intention of attending the hackathon are meant to attend it, only RSVP hackers will show up in the 'Volunteer' tab.

  • If a hacker has forgotten to RSVP the deadline can be extended individually by entering his/her details in the 'Admin' tab on the dashboard.

  • Hackers who haven't submitted their profile for review, haven't had their profile reviewed, or have received rejection emails can't be checked-in.

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