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FAQs for Organizers

We've gathered common questions organizers often ask to help guide you through the process and ensure your hackathons success.
  • When can we access the Devfolio portal for registrations?
The Organizer Dashboard is visible as soon as your hackathon is verified by Devfolio. If you have submitted your hackathon for review, reach out to us at [email protected] to learn the next steps.
  • Some participants missed their RSVP deadline and their status shows "Withdrawn". What should I do?
You can extend the RSVP deadline in the Admin Tab, and send out an announcement to the accepted hackers to RSVP if they haven't yet.
You can also choose to RSVP them yourself from the Admin Tab. Start searching for the team or the hacker to reveal the Status section, and click on the toggle to RSVP them.
  • Can we extend the registration deadline after it starts?
You can extend the application deadline from the Admin Tab in your Organizer Dashboard.
  • Can we extend the project submission deadline?
You can extend the project submission deadline from the Admin Tab in your Organizer Dashboard.
But make sure to extend it before the initial submission deadline passes!
  • I cannot add teammates in my organizer dashboard.
Only the creator of the hackathon has permission to add teammates. The other members, even with all permissions, cannot add or remove teammates.
  • Can I change the fields present in the Application Form?
If you haven't submitted your hackathon for review, you can make the changes by updating your hackathon.
  • Where can I view the submissions made to my Hackathon?
You can find the submissions on your hackathon's microsite.
  • How do I add Problem Statements to the Hackathon?
You can add it as a track to your hackathon via the Prizes Tab. This will enable the hacker to select the track if their hack is built around the problem statement.
Refer to the documentation for the same 👇🏻
  • While setting up my hackathon, I had specified the minimum number of team members. But I still see people submitting applications individually.
Hackers can submit their applications individually, and you can accept them as well. Although, before making a submission, they will have to join/create a team with the minimum number of team members mentioned.

For Other Queries

If there are any other queries, reach out to us at [email protected]