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Devfolio Microsite URL

If your hackathon doesn't have a website of its own, we've got you covered. Upon creating a hackathon on Devfolio, you're provided with a public page hosted at your-hackathon-name.devfolio.co

your-hackathon-namewill be your Hackathon's slug.

Things to remember

  • You can make announcements by sending out emails to the participants of your hackathon. The emails will be sent out through the email ID you provide in the Contact Email field.

  • We encourage organizers to have a Code of Conduct for the hackers to adhere to. If you don't have one, you can use Devfolio's standard Code of Conduct by clicking on the checkbox.

  • You can visit https://ethindia2022.devfolio.co to see the microsite for yourself.

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