๐Ÿ“ขAnnouncing Hackathon Winners

You can announce the winners of your hackathon, which then shows up on the microsite.

The winners can be added only by the creator of the hackathon.

Steps to announce winners on Devfolio

Step 1: Login

Login as an Organizer on Devfolio (https://org.devfolio.co)

Step 2: Edit Button

Click on the Edit button present on your hackathon

Step 3: Update Winners

Go to the prizes tab and select the prize you want to update with winners. You can:

  • Click on the button +Add winners to an existing prize category to add winners post the hackathon.

  • Update winners in a prize category by entering the project name or team name.

Microsite view

Participants can view the winning projects from prizes and projects tab

Projects tab:

Prizes tab:

Click on View winners to view the winners of the particular prize

Voila! Looks perfect, doesn't it!?

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