🎁Onchain Credentials

Builders’ proof-of-work stored onchain forever.

🤔 What are Onchain Credentials?

Builders’ digital proof-of-work that is always on display, independently verifiable, and their gateway to new opportunities.

😬 Here’s why we decided to bring them in:

The problem:

We realised that there are some problems with the current way of rewarding or credentialing builders at hackathons — like the lack of verifiability, inconsistent standards, and difficulties in displaying achievements.

The solution:

With Onchain Credentials, we can overcome these problems by ensuring a reliable verification process, establishing standardized evaluation criteria, facilitating easy sharing on different platforms, and promoting inclusivity.

Besides, Onchain Credentials being stored securely on the blockchain help builders build their digital identity and proof-of-work. In the future, we see them acting as a pass to more events and opportunities.

Smart contracts can automate the issuance process for these Credentials, leading to better recognition of participants' achievements and creating more opportunities for them.

💪 What this means for builders:

  1. Make your skills more credible through solid proof for everything you’ve built on Devfolio.

  2. Exhibit your story and work publicly with verifiable details.

  3. Proudly display and cherish a tangible souvenir.

👀 Here’s a peek at the Builder SBT

We launched the feature along with ETHBarcelona 2023. You can check out the SBT collection on OpenSea: opensea.io/collection/ethbarcelona

👏 How does it work on Devfolio?

With our ‘Claim’ feature, the organizers can award the builders with their hackathon’s exclusive Onchain Credentials, and the builders can claim them straight from their dashboard!

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