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Track cumulative stats for Quadratic voting, referral application programme.

Leaderboard tab consist altogether data of;

  • Quadratic voting: A mathematically optimal way of voting which goes beyond a simple yes or no vote, enabling people to choose the intensity of their preferences. Learn more on our blog.
  • Referral program: To climb the leaderboard and get exciting rewards, share your unique referral link with your friends and ask them to submit an application
  • Applications: Among universities, the following are in the lead, having the highest number of student applications.

Rules and community standards for referral programme:

1. Each application, once submitted for review via unique referral link, counts as a successful referral, even if it doesn't get accepted.
2. Anyone can apply to hackathon even if they have an existing Devfolio account, that would be counted as a referral
3. Only the submitted applications will be counted toward referrals.

More details:

  1. 1.
    To incentivize referrals, we can even link a Notion doc to exciting rewards where you can add all the prizes you can offer to the top positions in the leaderboard.
  2. 3.
    Upon completing their application, the unique referral link will show up on their dashboard. Alternatively, they can visit the leaderboard link as well ( to find their unique referral link
These are not referral codes per se. They are unique referral links which are generated for each applicant. If a hackers signs up using that particular unique referral link, then the count is added.